Don’t Expect an iPhone 6 Jailbreak Release Too Soon

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus aren’t even in the shops yet and buyers are already anxiously looking forward for a jailbreak release for the new Apple phone.

Apple just revealed the iPhone 6 and jailbreak enthusiasts already wanted to know if there was any way of hacking the new iPhone, and also if there’s a jailbreak release for iOS 8 as yet: unfortunately the answers to these questions are disappointing for those who are eager to jailbreak their new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Various iOS hacking teams have provided new jailbreak methods for iPhone, with multiple tools for iOS 7 and 7.1 over the past year, however today there appears to be more competition and drama in the iOS hacking world than we’ve experienced in a while.

Add to that the new Apple A8 chip, Apple Pay, and NFC support, and we have the potential situation where it’s going to be very difficult to jailbreak the iPhone 6.

There was news of a reverse engineered jailbreak for iOS 8, but at this time we have very little information regarding a jailbreak for the iPhone 6 that we’re able to share. We’ve been following the jailbreak community for many years and we can say that there’s definitely some things users could expect from a jailbreak release for the iOS 8 and iPhone 6.

What Should We Expect in the Future

Given that iPhone 6 comes equipped with a new processor, payments, plus the new iOS 8, don’t count for a jailbreak release anytime soon. We understand that already there are some buyers trying to determine if it’s even worth buying the iPhone 6 and having to give up their jailbreak.

It would be a complete surprise if there was a free jailbreak tool release in the next couple of months, however it is possible only if Evad3ers or PanGu teams were able to crack through the security, we could see an iOS 8 and iPhone 6 jailbreak.

Apple have advised that an iOS 8 update can be expected in October to enable Apple Pay. It will likely be iOS 8.0.1, although this is not confirm. If you’re interested in doing an iPhone 6 jailbreak we suggest you don’t install the first iOS 8 update because it could close a security hole. Once we get closer to the release you could seek confirmation from someone iOS hackers like @MuscleNerd to ensure that it’s safe to install the new iOS update on the iPhone 6.

At this point in time the big names in iOS jailbreaking are being very quiet as we approach the release of the iOS 8, however once the iPhone 6 has been released on the 19th you can be assured that we’ll start seeing some teasers.

It happens every year: someone talented developer posts a video or screenshot of the early stages of a jailbreak. We’re expecting to see legitimate boasts and teasers of an iPhone 6 jailbreak from someone with a known history of developing successful jailbreaks.

Plenty of Phony iPhone 6 Jailbreaks

There’s always going to be some fake, so called premium, jailbreak tools to trick users into completing questionnaires, or to ask for contribution. We saw it so many times with the iPhone 5s and the iOS 7, and it’s a little surprising that we haven’t seen many iPhone 6 or iOS 8 yet.

Don’t be fooled into paying money for an iPhone 6 jailbreak or complete questionnaires about an iOS 8 jailbreak, unless you really do want to make a contribution to a legitimate and recognized jailbreak team.

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