iOS 8 beta Already Jailbroken but What This Means For You

The first beta for the brand new version of iOS is already jailbroken, and this happened only a few days after Apple unveiled its iOS 8 to the world.

Hacker and jailbreak developer @iOn1c showed on twitter what looks like a whole lot of gobbledegook to most of us, but to the jailbreaking community it means that the iOS beta has already been jailbroken. Can we assume then that we’ll very shortly see a jailbreak for the iOS 8? Not very likely.

We’ll more than likely have to wait until the end of the year, at the very earliest, to see a jailbreak for the iOS 8, because jailbreak developers will not want Apple to start patching the exploits used for the jailbreak. This means that, if iOn1c released the iOS 8 beta jailbreak now, it would very quickly be patched up prior to the final iOS 8 version is actually released to the public, and that’s obviously not what we want.

Ideally, we should be expecting the same time frame as the jailbreak for the iOS 7, which was released to the public a few months after the public launch of iOS 7 in September 2013. So it seems that we will have to wait a while for the official jailbreak for iOS 8 to be released.

It’s quite common for a jailbreak developer to post videos or photos of their successful attempts at jailbreaking without following up with a release to the public, however it does seem that iOn1c (who also boasted a successful jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1) may not be very popular in the jailbreaking community, particularly on Reddit, where his never-ending teasing has upset many people. They called him a ‘troll’ and accuse him of ‘attention seeking’.

However, we have to admit that it’s iOn1C’s consistent boasting of his jailbreaking success that shows the world that it’s entirely possible for a jailbreak to be released for any new iOS version, and it makes us realize that regardless of Apple’s attempts to lock-up it’s software there is always going to be someone who will find a way around it.

The iOS 8 is coming to us with an interface very similar to that of iOS 7, but it does include some great features that we’ve actually seen on other apps before.

To begin with, iOS 8 has interactive notifications, meaning that it allows the user to manage and respond to their notifications from the Notification Centre. This means that that when you receive a text message you just tap on it and reply right there and then, without the necessity of opening up the Messages app. This is similar to Android’s notifications, and that’s a great thing. The interactive notifications even work on the Lock screen, with Facebook integration allowing you to comment or ‘Like’ a Facebook post.

With regard to the Messages app, finally we can now remove specific contacts from a group conversation, in addition to giving group chats a custom name. Plus, the Do Not Disturb feature can be enabled for a specific conversation, meaning that you can receive messages from a friend, but mute an incoming message from your mom.

Another feature in Messages is that your location can be shared with whomever you’re speaking to, and you can record an instant video or audio message to send immediately. These features have been seen in other apps, including WhatsApp and Snapchat, but it’s really cool that they’re now a part of iOS.

According to Apple, the iOS 8 will be released sometime in the fall, but they haven’t released a specific date at this point. Many beta versions will probably be released over the summer so developers can try them out. And as for an iOS 8 jailbreak, let’s hope it’s very soon, but realistically it probably won’t be released until a few months after the official public release of iOS 8.

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