iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak – Is it worth it?

It looks like a jailbreak solution that will be compatible with iOS 9.3.5 (the latest version of iOS 9) is about to become reality. Some might think that a jailbreak for this old version of iOS is useless and that it would be better for jailbreak developers to focus on iOS 10.3.3 or even iOS 11.

And yet there is interest in such a solution. The reason being that many users have 32-bit devices (first iPad mini and iPhone 4S) that simply do not run the latest iOS versions like iOS 10 or iOS 11 and remained stuck on iOS 9.3.5.

The jailbreak for iOS 9.3.5 is developed by Tihmstar and Siguza, two people with experience in the jailbreak world. Tihmstar noted that the exploit used is “semi-stable”, it works okay but it’s buggy. However, the jailbreak itself becomes stable after several attempts, this includes restarting the device and injecting the code to make the jailbreak happen.

This is why the jailbreak solution for iOS 9.3.5 is in beta and tested on an iPhone 4S and an iPod Touch 5G. The first public beta of the jailbreak tool will support only these two devices, so will have to wait for other beta versions to have a more important support.

When is the release date? Nothing is said for now, Tihmstar only says “soon“. We imagine that it will be proposed in the next few days.

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