When Will We See a Free iOS 8 Jailbreak?

With the iPhone 6 announcement today, Apple also advised that on the 17th September they would officially release iOS 8 to the public: this is only two days prior to the September 19th release of the iPhone 6. So what does this all mean for an free iOS 8 jailbreak solution?

Jailbreakers have been wondering when an iOS 8 jailbreak would become available to the public for free, ever since the announcement of the iOS 8. We only have past experience to rely on as to when we might expect it, and even that’s not very trustworthy.

Apparently the iOS 8 betas have already been jailbroken, however we shouldn’t plan on having a public release this month.

Actually, we probably won’t get the iOS 8 jailbreak until the end of 2014 at the very earliest, because jailbreak developers wouldn’t want Apple patching the exploits used for the jailbreak too soon. What we mean by this is, if the developers released a jailbreak for iOS 8 today, Apple would immediately patch it up prior to the final iOS 8 version is released to the public, and obviously that would be bad news.

We should probably expect the timing to be the same as the iOS 7 jailbreak: this was released some months following the public launching of iOS 7 in September 2013. For this reason we believe we’ll be waiting for a while yet for the release of an official iOS 8 jailbreak.

It’s not new for a jailbreak developer to post videos or photos of a successful attempt at jailbreaking without following on with a release of the exploit to the public, but it does seem that iOn1c (also responsible to teasing a successful iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak) is not everyone’s favorite with the jailbreaking community. This is especially true on Reddit where his continuous boasting has upset many people, claiming he’s just an attention seeker, and calling him a ‘troll’.

At least iOn1c’s teasing about a successful jailbreak attempt proves to the world that it is actually possible for a new iOS version so early in its life, and again reiterates that regardless how secure Apple believes it’s software to be there’s always going to be someone who will find a way around it.

The iOS 8 comes to us with a similar user interface to that of the iOS 7, but it does include some really great features that we’ve experienced before in other apps, that will now become a part of iOS.

To start with, the iOS 8 arrives with interactive notifications, allowing users to manage their notifications and respond to them straight from the Notification Center. So when you receive a text message, you just tap on it and reply right there and then: you don’t have to open the Messages app. These are very similar to Android’s notifications, and that’s a good thing. These interactive notifications also apply to the lock screen, plus the Facebook integration allows you to comment or ‘Like’ a Facebook post sent to you.

With the Messages app you can give a custom name to group chats, as well as removing specific contacts from group conversations. In addition, for certain conversations you can enable Do Not Disturb, meaning that you’ll still get text messages from a friend, but you can easily and quickly mute anything incoming from your Mom.

Still in Messages, you can record a quick video message or audio and forward direct to the person you’re talking to, and you can share your location. Of course we’ve seen these great features in other apps, including WhatsApp and Snapchat, but it’s really cool that they’re now integrated into iOS.

Apple intends releasing iOS 8 on 17th September. As far as the iOS 8 jailbreak goes, we expect to see one a couple of months following the official release of iOS 8, but of course we’re all hoping it will be sooner than that.

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